The ONLY Proven Way To Unwrap What You Really Want For Christmas And All Year

I am putting myself out there. Yes. I am laying it all bare. So let me just get right to the point. If you know what you want, you can have it. Nothing more, nothing less and nothing else.

Facts. These are facts people.

Let me explain. We (humans) get what we want all day every day. We make a decision, tuck the image into our subconscious and then go about our day as usual, working, dining, exercising, spending time with family and friends and all the while, what we want is running in the background and elements are aligning in the atmosphere to deliver what we want to us. Precisely.

An important tip: do not focus on, give energy or thought to what you do not want. Got it? Ok, let me repeat that: do not focus on, give energy or thought to what you do not want. Focus instead on what you do want.

Let’s say you want to lose weight. You decide you want to lose 15 pounds. You think of how you look in that fabulous blue Roland Mouret dress like the one Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle wore on the eve of her 2017 wedding to Prince Harry. You see yourself in it – sleek, toned, tanned and sexy. That image is burned into the deep secret layers of your subconscious. Everything and I do mean every single thing in the universe conspires to deliver to you that 15 pound weight loss because you know what you want. Actually without giving it much conscious thought, you start to take deliberate steps to usher in a leaner, healthier you. And the world around you conforms. Like magic. For instance, you give up chocolate (oh God, how difficult!) and spend an extra hour a day in the gym, where that normally wait listed spin class is full but suddenly a space opens up for you! You go to bed a half hour earlier which results in more energy for, you guessed it – working out.

It happens. It is happening. Suddenly you see the truth of the one and only action that gets you what you want – knowing and seeing what you know in your imagination.

How incredibly amazing! I love diamonds as much as the next girl and my intention is to slide several carats into my ears on Christmas morning. Three round dazzling platinum enclosed carats, that is. I know what I want and I know that I will receive it.

Knowing is the only proven way to get what you want for Christmas and all year.

This method works. It works professionally as well as personally. It works on holidays and working days. It never stops working. Know what you want. See yourself having what you want. Feel the excitement of it. BAM it’s yours.

So let’s do this. I dare you. For Christmas. This year. And meet me back here in the comments for show and tell and a cyber dance party.