The Stuff of Dreams

When I was a kid, I dreamt of camping like other kids in my school. The only difference was many of those kids were girl scouts or boy scouts and I wasn’t. They were experienced at roughing it under the stars in sleeping bags on the hard twig layered earth. But the more I thought about it, the less inclined I was to subject myself to bears, spiders, ants and even worse – snakes! And then there was the matter of those necessary and routine bodily functions like peeing. It wasn’t long before the whole camping coolness wore off...besides, boys became much more interesting to me. Fast forward to adulthood when I find myself having gone and slept under the stars in a different version of “camping” – one much more palatable to my senses – glamping!

Yes. Glamping, a hybrid term to describe luxurious camping - camping under a tent that is fully furnished and fully fabulous, cause let’s face it, if you fill your tent with furniture and one can zip open and close your “doors” then, that my friend is the epitome of what is known as glamping. Comfort. Luxury. Convenience. Of course, several gourmet meals accompanied by a great wine and delectable dessert greatly improves this experience. So I went “glamping”. I spent the night under the stars in a luxuriously comfortable bed, in the middle of a forest.

Sleeping in that way, next to nature in all of her glory, warmed by the light of her infinite shine seized my soul.

Friends, I became addicted to that up close and incredible view of nature. My soul was remapped under a blanket of twinkles in the arms of deep green. I had a chance to meditate, rest, and unplug from my oft rapid-paced life. That intimate time with Mother Nature changed me internally. So much so, that I wanted create a similar experience for others to discover. I own a hotel in a city and it, like many others, is incredible. It’s great in fact, and always will be. Dinner in an elegant bar surrounded by friends and loves consuming fine food, finer wine, sometimes with music on the periphery is an eternal pastime that will always be there for consumption. But when your spirit craves a deeper more extraordinary and soulful awakening, I suggest escaping to a place like the forest or an island, or a mountain or a farm for a bit of glamping. There are incredible places around the world where one can find such, and while we have spent time at many, we are partial to one: Sheephead Island Resort.

I discovered that Paulo Coelho [The Alchemist] was absolutely right, “people are capable, at any time in their lives of doing what they dream of”.  

I did. And, I am hoping, inviting, no, imploring you to do the same.