When Megan Met Harry

We were all sorting of wishing. And hoping that it would happen for Harry and Meghan. I confess I was secretly following her on instagram and reading the Tig. And then I got my first real definitive clue. Meghan resigned from the successful lifestyle blog she founded. I knew it had been her baby. Her love. Her heart and soul and frequent flier miles had been poured into her blog. I followed it. I loved living vicariously through the Tig. With a deep gulp of something between utter joy and shrilly school girl-fantasy-fulfilled-screams-from-the cockles-0f-my-heart, I knew also that she had found another more profound and earth shattering love that she could not deny.

That love was Prince Harry. Royal. England. Queen Elizabeth. The throne. He was the one. And he was a Prince.

Sigh. Meghan Markle was about to live every little girl’s dream: marry a Prince. And a redhead, cuter than a newborn baby with fuzzy hair cute, that is. A beloved Prince. How incredibly amazing and wonderful and all fuzzy and warm inside. Truth is while I do not know either of them, I love their apparent genuine warm and caring aura. Both are humanitarians. Both are absolutely gorgeous people. Both agreed to keep the romance secret. (Very smart move). And it turns out, it was destiny. Prince Harry even said in their first public interview after announcing their engagement that “the stars were aligned” when he met Ms. Markle. And to think they got engaged one night at home while making a roast chicken. I wonder if she made the famous engagement chicken?

It seems that from all accounts, this couple is taking a very active role in their wedding planning and surrounding festivities. The fact that they are both high profile in their own rights – she an actress and he royalty – is not preventing them from doing life their own way. Of course, there are certain royal traditions and formalities that they must and will adhere to, but the overall design, pace and atmosphere will be their own. The royal nuptials are all about these two who are so incredibly in love. They are a testament to all couples in love: do what makes you happy.

Congratulations Meghan & Prince Harry! We are so happy for you.