By Land And Sea

Although, the island is a place where many come to rest, reflect and refuel themselves, we do have an incredibly fun time here.  Our carefully designed offerings ensure that guests maximize their purpose for basking in the magic of the island, while simultaneously enjoying the unplugged experience.  Guests can be as busy refueling themselves or as busy relaxing as desired – we support either path chosen.  So, if rest is a path you chose for your time, we make sure that is what you have.  However, for those who desire an invigorating rest through activity, we also have just the plan for you!

If you don’t quite have your sea legs yet, or if you prefer to look at the ocean rather than taking the polar plunge, there is plenty to keep you busy on the island itself.

Island walk
Sheephead Island is 64 acres in size with a 2.5 mile perimeter. There are a number of trails on the north end of the island which offer hiking for every fitness level from easy to challenging. Staff can take you on a guided tour and share some interesting facts about Sheephead Island Resort or simply point you in the right direction to brave it alone!

Forest Bathing

Forest Therapy, the medicine of simply being in the forest. Shinrin-yoku is a term that means "taking in the forest atmosphere" or "forest bathing." Groundbreaking research out of Japan highlights the numerous benefits of #forestbathing also known as Shin-rin Yoku, which include enhanced physical fitness, accelerated healing, increased mental focus and improved biological responses to reducing stress and fighting disease. There is plenty of forest here therefore, plenty of forest bathing. We highly recommend it.

Individual classes can be arranged at various locations on the island. It’s a great way to appreciate the island’s spectacular sunsets. Group classes are also available daily. Once on island, schedules are posted at Gilead Center and in guests suites.


Spend time exploring the island finding sea glass, beach treasures, taking photographs and simply immersing yourself in the peaceful arms of this virgin haven. Careful though, many a writer have departed with a complete manuscript.

The Southshore Studio

Step into a hundred year old grey weathered Maine studio, sit at your an easel and bring to life your own oil or watercolor dream. We’ll move your canvas outside, if you prefer for some awe inspiring plein air painting.

Our owner has always been a big tennis fan so it’s no surprise we have a floodlit Astroturf tennis court near the boathouse bar at the top of the island. The court has beginner and advanced racquets along with ball baskets in the huts. We have a resident tennis pro who can organise individual or group lessons, tournaments or someone to hit with if you fancy a challenge.

Fitness coach
Keep your fitness levels sky high with our very own fitness coach on island.

Water Therapy
Cedar hot tubs are available 24/7.  Hot, relaxing and peace filled, these custom tubs are sited in the middle of the forest with stunning sea views.  This is the immersion experience for all guests of the island and one not to be missed, whether you find a period alone or with friends, you will absolutely love the cedar tub.

Water Games
We also organize kayaking, SUP, fishing, ocean golf and more.  The winners are decided in a tournament at the end of the week. It’s invigorating, it’s fun it’s a way to stay fit and its competitive, so bring it!

Cruise to Acadia National Park

Cruise right from our dock to Acadia National Park, the crown jewel of the North Atlantic Coast. Be among the more than 3.3 million people to explore seven peaks above 1,000 feet, 158 miles of hiking trails, and 45 miles of carriage roads with 16 stone bridges. Chances are excellent for spotting dolphins and seals along the way and we’ll even pack a lunch for you.

The Gilead Wellness Center

The Gilead Center’s vision is to offer creative ways of healthy living by whole nutrition education, physical exercise and a connection to nature in order to cleanse the body, still the mind and nourish the soul.  To this end, we offer daily exercise classes, lectures and spa treatments centered around total wellness from the inside out. We follow this simple but effective formula that has kept its essence throughout the years while still continually progressing to provide guests with a fun but transformative experience.  The island is a place of natural, peaceful energy nurtured decade after decade by pure intent on providing a place for each guest to enjoy a respite from the din of a busy life while our warm staff takes care of every need during your time with us.