Glorious Summer Mornings Involve Food, Of Course

I cannot lie. I love food. And I love my figure more. So while I balance my life, I admit that I do indulge in the foods that I love but I also do quite a bit of exercise.  To add to that calorie busting, my summer work requires that I move around extensively and do a fair amount of heavy lifting of all sorts of things. And, I run, lift weights, do Pilates, tae-bo, spinning and Bikram Yoga. Another admission, I love exercise. It’s all those endorphins…I’m addicted. I probably need help. Please, no judging.

But I also love food. And last admission for now, I am a foodie. Seriously.  Really.

It’s a bit difficult not to be a foodie when food is such a huge part of our lives. It is glorious to wake in the summer mornings, walk down to the boat house and have a large cup of strong dark coffee with a freshly baked- still- warm blueberry muffin.

Oh, the simple pleasure.  The chef picks the blueberries himself at Caterpillar Hill on Cooper Farm in Sedgewick, which is enroute to Deer Isle. It is one of the many things he enjoys doing on his forest bathing walks.  As our guests know from years back, everything we make is fresh, local and in season so you know it’s superb.  No preservatives, no additives, nothing artificial.  So with the sun rising so early and the fresh sea air, having a muffin, blueberry, cranberry or maple bacon is the stuff of breakfast dreams. 

Besides, when I am walking to the water’s edge, listening to the beauty of the silence and thinking of life’s gifts past present and future, there is nothing more perfect.

Cheers to many glorious island mornings with great coffee and very good muffins!

Tip: Muffins, breads, scones and all sorts of baked goods are fresh and available each day here on the island.