Hello Spring

March has arrived with a bit of snow to remind us that there are still some things we can’t control. The weather, Mother Nature is one of them.  Along with the beginning of the end of the first quarter of 2019, is an anticipation of all that is ahead: warmer weather, the lilting cadent singing of birds around us, and packing away of coats and sweaters for the season. This time, the anticipation is different, ever so subtly. Perhaps because of the seemingly never ending negative discourse in our politics lately. Side note: I’ve been watching much too much cable news! Or perhaps because I am a year older, and therefore, wiser, more appreciative of the small gifts in life.  Whatever the reason, the excitement smells sweeter and the rush to open up the island this year greater. I’ve been dreaming of driving across the stretch of Hossmer’s beach, over the little bar, down the road, then the big bar and finally seeing that centuries old boat house standing guard, waiting for all of us, our laughter and our looks of adoration as we gaze upon her relentless beauty.  The roads and fields winding their way throughout the island beyond hold the kind of magic that is really only found in fictional fantasies and yet, we get to wander around it for a brief period each year. The stirring this time is different, because the enormity of this rare land – that after all of these years still in its near virgin state – fills my heart with so much gratitude. That through the years, the few owners have loved the island and chose to protect its sacredness means that we get to return year after year and love her deeper and with even more passion. Moreover, we have the privilege of sharing with our many guests, staff and friends, this magic that cannot be found anywhere else except here on the coast of Maine.  

March has arrived friends, and we couldn’t be happier since this means pre-opening preparations for another glorious summer are near.  If you haven’t reserved your stay yet, you still have time. But don’t wait too long because if you do, you’ll miss the magic of this season.