Gilead Center

Sheephead Island Resort is designed around health and wellness from the inside out. From  meals carefully created by our Executive Chef and Nutritionist to island handmade all natural bath and body collection, our philosophy is rooted in an appreciation and celebration of life balance.  Although each Gilead Center experience is individually tailored for each guest, our perspective on health and wellbeing focuses not just on exercise and diets but on whole and healthy living. Through carefully designed activities and experiences, we hope to offer guests better ways to determine, develop and manage their own sustainable balanced sense of health and happiness.

The gilead Experience Includes

 A personal Health and Wellness consultation

Well Nutrition

Daily fitness and leisure activities

Water Therapy Suites

Restorative treatments


Yoga & Pilates


As Within, So Without

 The Gilead Center’s vision is to offer creative ways of healthy living by authentic nutrition, physical exercise and a connection to nature in order to cleanse the body, still the mind and nourish the soul.  To this end, we offer daily classes and lectures and spa treatments centered around total wellness from the inside out. We follow this simple but effective formula that has kept its essence throughout the years while still continually progressing to provide guests with a fun, challenging, and innovative  experience.  The island is a place of natural, peaceful energy nurtured decade after decade by pure intent on providing a place for each guest to enjoy a respite from the din of a busy life while our warm professional staff take care of every need during your time with us. Our class selections change each season and are published by mid May.

Spa Menu

Thai Massage

Gilead Signature Massage

Invigorating Massage

Relaxing Foot Massage

Oriental Scalp Massage

Gilead Skin Haven Body Polish

Our bodies are our gardens—our wills are our gardeners.