Sustainability Is Our Way. Always Has Been, Always Will Be.

  • We believe personal wellness goes hand-in-hand with environmental wellness and that companies should conduct themselves using responsible and ethical business practices, policies and initiatives. That’s why, since 1979, we have nurtured a healthy, safe and vibrant community, operated as an integral part of Sheephead Island and played our part in protecting the Earth.

  • Through environmental stewardship, we engage in total renewable energy programs. To this end, the entire island is powered by solar energy. We are privileged to have an abundance of natural water and with the use of UV ray filters, we have the best and purest water from the deepest natural fed springs possible. Still we minimize water consumption through water-saving practices and use of innovative technologies.

  • Plastic, glass, metal, wood and paper go to a recycling facility. Plant waste from garden maintenance is converted into nutrient-rich compost for future planting.

  • We comply with all applicable health, safety and environmental protection laws, regulations and requirements, for the protection of staff, guests and the environment. Eco-friendly products are used in place of potentially hazardous substances.

  • We maintain the island as a sanctuary free from the distractions of the outside world, by avoiding any noise-producing devices. The use of mobile phones and personal computers is not permitted in public areas. The resort is also smoke-free. We stress that our guests should also engage in our thesis of the unplugged respite.

  • Our resort lives within sixty-four pristine virgin acres of coastal Maine land. Our many building facilities, accommodation and restaurants blend traditional coastal Maine architecture with natural diversity. Before any improvements or building, we always analyze land use and impact first and consult an expert team of local professionals who offer inputs.

  • We preserve and optimize our ecosystem without damaging it. The resort was designed to adapt to the biodiversity and contour of the terrain and built thoughtfully over the years to make minimal impact. By propagating indigenous species, we make our presence sustainable.